Worthy Demystifier

Trusting data leads to best service!

Worthy Demystifier event comprises of 3 rounds where the 2nd round will be an elimination round. It's an event for individuals or a maximum of 2 members can form a team. The details of each round will be conveyed soon.

Round 1 :
  • 1. Round 1 is an online (on Unstop) quiz consisting of MCQ questions. The questions will be focused on the analytics domain.
  • 2. First round quiz will be conducted between Feb 4th and Feb 6th and would be time bound. Based on the scores, participants will be shortlisted to round 2.
Round 2 :
  • 1. Dataset analysis (Final round)This will be in offline mode. In this round, the shortlisted teams will be given a dataset and they will have to come up with an analysis of the dataset.
  • 2. The further details will be communicated to the candidates shortlisted from round 1.
Co-odrinator :
  • 1. Bidisha Barman (+91 7002562926)
  • 2. Mayuri Deka (+91 9365943991)
  • Mail id : CuraWorthyDemystifier@gmail.com
  • Prizes worth INR 1,00,000 to be own

Download Rules

Note: Participants will be required to pay a nominal fest-entry ticket.