Ops Ripple Fiest


Explore the process of the industrial supply chain at its various stages and elucidate the profit margins of the supply chain.

General Information :
  • Team size : 2-4
  • Round 1: Ops QUIZZ
  • Round 2: Ops CASE STUDY presentation
  • Round 3: The BEER GAME
Round 1:
  • 1. This round essentially quizzes the participants’ knowledge of basic Ops concepts like Process strategy, Service Operations, Queuing theory, Waiting lines, Process analysis, and Theory of Constraints, all MCQs that will be application-oriented.
  • 2. This Quiz would be conducted online on any day from Feb 4th to Feb 6th and would be time-bound as well.
Round 2:
  • 1. The participants/teams who make it to Round 2 would be given a Real-time Case Study and an ample time of 2 hours will be given wherein you are supposed to go through the case and present your understanding of the case, problems pertained to it, and provide possible solutions in 15 minutes.
Round 3:
  • 1. The best-performed team(s) would move to Round 3 where a real-time scenario would be given to each team member (putting them into 4 different roles: distributor, retailer, wholesaler, and brewer).
  • 2. They would be given ample time to analyze the scenario and elaborate on the ripple effect in the supply chain of the specific industry challenge assigned.
  • 3. Further information about this round would be intimated to the participants upon clearing Round 1 and Round 2.
Co-odrinator :
  • 1. Jeevan (9063276121)
  • 2. Sandhya (8008260800)
  • Mail id : ripplefiesta@gmail.com
  • Prizes worth INR 1,00,000 to be own

Download Rules

Note: Participants will be required to pay a nominal fest-entry ticket.