House of Resources

Exploring the true essence of Human Resources!

Here will be a formal interaction between the employees and the manager in an organization. The manager will interview the employee regarding several issues in the organization. The participating students will play the role of employees and manager.
The Jury Panel will score them based upon their performances . The details of each round will be conveyed soon.

General guidelines:
  • 1. Team size(2-4)
  • 2. Utmost authenticity and discipline is expected from the teams.
  • 3. The decision of the organizing committee will be final and binding.
Round 1:
  • 1. Quiz Round Quiz questionnaire round. It is based on HR concepts and fundamentals.
  • 2. The quiz will consist of 20 questions.
  • Only the team lead shall attempt the quiz on behalf of the team.
  • Elimination is subject to final number of participants.
Round 2:
  • 1. Case Study Analysis and Enactment: The case study will be based on HR concepts. The relevancy and accuracy of the case analysis will be evaluated. Basic understanding and common sense will also be considered as a parameter of judgment. A case will be given to the groups and the groups will be asked to enact the characters in the case. Their performance will be evaluated for final score. Winner will be finally declared on the basis of the final score. Decisions of the jury panel will be considered final and no arguments with respect to the results will be entertained.
Co-odrinator :
  • 1.Dipanjan Bhattacharjee (7903956258)
  • 2. Avishek Chakraborty (8638243372)
  • mail id :
  • Prizes worth INR 1,00,000 to be own

Download Rules

Note: Participants will be required to pay a nominal fest-entry ticket.